Camps and Classes

Spring Break / Thanksgiving Break / Winter Break

Here are some fun camps, classes, and activities to keep your children busy during school breaks.

Winter Break

Camp Snowball (Golden Community Center)  Dates:  12/26/17 – 1/5/18 (no camp 1/1)
Winter Break Camp (Free Horizon Montessori)  Dates:  12/27/17 – 1/3/18 (no camp 1/1)
Do You Want to Build a Snowman:  Winter Break Art Camp (Golden Community Center)  Dates:  1/2, 3, 4/18

Spring Break

Spring Break Camp (Free Horizon Montessori)  2018 Dates:
Spring Break Special Activities (Colorado Railroad Museum) 2018 Dates:
Camp Coconuts (Golden Community Center)  2018 Dates:
Spring Break Art Camp (Foothills Art Center)  2018 Dates:  

Thanksgiving Break

Harry Potter Activities (Golden Library)  2018 Dates:
I Want to be An Astronaut (Golden Community Center  2018 Dates:
Thanksgiving Break Camp (Free Horizon Montessori)  2018 Dates: 

Summer Camps & Classes

What will your kids be doing during the summer? Whether you need a full-day camp or just want them occupied for a few hours, you’ll find many options right here in Golden. Most camps have multiple dates throughout the summer unless otherwise noted.

Ages 12 and under

Abrakadoodle Art Camp ongoing
Academies for Young Minds (Colorado School of Mines)  2017 Dates:  6/5 – 8/4
Adventure Summer Day Camp (City of Golden)  2017 Dates:  5/30 – 8/16
Avid 4 Adventure
Colorado Railroad Museum  2017 Dates:  7/25-29
Create Tech (Colorado School of Mines)  2017 Dates:  6/3-4, 7/8-9, and 8/5-6
Dinosaur Ridge Summer Camp  2017 Dates:  6/5 – 8/4
Eagle’s Nest/Owl’s Roost Environmental Day Camps  2017 Dates:  6/12 – 7/21
EarthTreks Summer Climbing Camps
Engineering Design Summer Camps (Colorado School of Mines)
EXPLORE Tech:  Robotics (Colorado School of Mines)  2017 Dates:  6/5-9 or 7/31-8/4
Foothills Art Center  2017 Dates:  6/5 – 7/28
Golden Sun Preschool Camp  (City of Golden)  2017 Dates:  5/30 – 8/16
Hands-on-History Summer Camp (Golden History Museums) 2017 Dates: 6/5-8/4
Science Matters  (Free Horizon Montessori) 2017 Dates:  June and July
Skyhawks Youth Sports Programs  2017 Dates:  June and July
Sticky Fingers Cooking Camp  (Free Horizon Montessori) 2017 Dates:  7/24-28
YETI Summer Theater Camp (Miners Alley Playhouse)
YMCA Day Camp (Shelton Elementary)  2017 Dates:  5/30 – 8/18


Academic Summer Boot Camp
Bold Earth Teen Adventures – Colorado
  2017 Dates:  6/30 – 8/14
Discover STEM Camp (Colorado School of Mines)
Engineering Design Summer Camp (Colorado School of Mines)
Summer Adventure Courses (Colorado Mountain Club)  2017 Dates:  6/5 – 8/4
Teen Adventure Fridays (City of Golden)  2017 Dates:  5/30 – 8/16

All ages

Action Family ATA (martial arts) ongoing
Center for Bright Kids Summer Programs (Colorado School of Mines)  2017 Dates:  6/11 – 8/5
Challenger Soccer
Colorado Ice Summer Soccer Camps
Colorado Mountain Club
Colorado School of Mines Summer Athletic Camps  2017 Dates:  June and July
Colorado School of Protocol and Etiquette
Earth Treks Climbing Center
Fossil Trace Golf Camps
Girl Scout Summer Camps
Goddess Girls Workshop – Create Your Own Mythology (PranaTonic)  2017 Dates:  6/6 – 8/10
Golden Community Center ongoing
Golden Tae Kwon Do Family Center  2017 Dates:  6/5-9
Pals Summer Chess Camp  2017 Dates:  6/26-30
Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum 2017 Dates:  6/12-23
Virtuosity Dance Centre

Youth Programs

The following organizations offer classes and programs for youth at various times throughout the school year. For their current offerings, please visit their websites.

Action Family ATA Martial Arts
Boy Scouts – Troop 130
Boy Scouts – Troop 613
Calvary Church Youth Group
Colorado Ice Soccer
Colorado Mountain Club
Faith Lutheran Church Youth Group
Girl Scouts
Golden Community Center
Golden Library
Golden Tae Kwon Do Family Center
Lookout Mountain Nature Center 
Outward Bound
Virtuosity Dance Centre
YETI – Youth Education Theater Intensive (Miners Alley Playhouse)

Year Round Programs

Preschool Nature Nuts (Lookout Mountain Nature Center)
Storytimes (Golden Library)