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4-8PM City Council Offsite Meeting @ Fossil Trace

golf course in the foreground with the Table Mountains and foothills in the background
Fossil Trace Golf Course - Click to enlarge

City Council is holding an offsite meeting tonight. Since their meeting location will not have recording equipment, if you want to hear their discussions on the following topics, you must attend in person.


Civility - discussion led by Mayor Weinberg

Thriving Communities Scope and Funding Discussion - discussion led by Sarah Vaine
This discussion concerns the planned uses for this year's lodging tax. The 2024 budget projected $3,100,000. So far, we have received $982,698.

The planned expenditures for 2024 are:
$520,000 - Thriving community grants
$500,000 - Thriving community projects
$510,000 - Transfer to general fund
$600,000 - Transfer to Sales & Use Tax fund
$3,000,000 - Transfer to open space fund
$5,130,000 - Total

Council Communications - discussion led by Don Cameron, Rob Reed, Meredith Ritchie, Carley Lorentz

Council will discuss the intents for their several different emails (,, and They plan to encourage citizens to use the City's new Fix It tool to request and track work.

For more information on these topics, read the meeting packet.