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6:30PM City Council Regular Business Meeting @ City Hall

blond brick building saying "CITY OF GOLDEN" with large pot of coleus in the foreground
Photo by Joyce Davell - Click to enlarge

Public Comment
There are three public hearings tonight. If you plan to offer comments concerning items 9a, 9b, or 9c, wait until that agenda item comes up. To comment on any other topics, plan to be there at the beginning of the meeting (6:30). You'll have three minutes to speak. Council members may respond to you afterwards (though they generally don't). To submit written comment, send an email to prior to 3PM. Comments received before 3 will be added to the meeting packet.

Consent Matters
Consent matters are considered uncontroversial, not requiring discussion. Councilors can ask to move an item off the consent agenda if they want to discuss it. The two consent items are:

  • Approving purchase of upgraded traffic signals downtown for a cost not to exceed $675,000. Learn more.
  • Approving a request by the City's Hearing Officer to allow other attorneys from her firm to fill in when she's unavailable. The Hearing Officer oversees hearings for "liquor licensing, medical marijuana licensing, nicotine and tobacco product
    licensing, administrative citations, and election complaints." Learn more.


Public Hearings

The public is allowed to comment on these three items. You will have three minutes to speak. Alternatively, you can send email to prior to 3PM.

black and white photo showing a large crowd of people with cars and flags on Washington Avenue
This photo of the Armistice Day celebration in 1918 shows the Quaintance block in its original location, at the corner.

9a) Approval of an ordinance that will designate the Quaintaince block (805 13th Street - map) as a Local Historic Landmark. This building was constructed in 1911 by the Quaintance family to house their real estate, photography, and law offices. It originally stood at the corner of 13th and Washington, but was moved in 1923 to make way for a Conoco gas station. Several important Golden businesses have resided in the building over the years, including the wildly popular Spudnut Shop (donuts made with potato flour). Learn more about this interesting building by reading the supporting memo.

white-painted commercial building with glass blocks over plate glass windows
807 13th Street (the Piggly Wiggly building)

9b) Approval of an ordinance that will designate the Piggly Wiggly building (807 13th Street - map) as a Local Historic Landmark. Constructed in 1947 as a Piggly Wiggly grocery store, it was purchased by a local family in 1952 and renamed "Golden Gate Market." In 1967, the grocery closed and the building was divided to house Jeffco Blueprints and Burgess TV. The building now houses Faith Tattoo and Abejas restaurant. A mural was added on the western wall in 2022 to commemorate the building's original use as a Piggly Wiggly. Learn more.

916 and 918 9th Street - currently part of the 8th and 9th Street Historic District

9c) Approval of a request to remove two buildings from the 8th and 9th Street Historic District. The owner of 916 and 918 9th Street states in his petition for removal that the City has ("supported an environment of scrape and development into larger suburban-type dwellings that are not in character with the historic character of the historic neighborhoods"). With such haphazard stewardship, he asserts that the value and integrity of the district are gone. He feels that being in the district can only be considered a detriment, in that the City can exert control over his buildings when they choose to, while allowing other buildings in the district to be scraped or remodeled in a non-historic style.

This request is distressing to historic preservationists. While they may or may not agree that the City has been an ineffectual steward, they want these very old buildings (1860s and 1870s) to remain in the district. They fear that if the buildings are removed from the district, the current or future owners might be more likely to demolish and replace them.

Learn more about the buildings and the issues under consideration.

Watch the meeting on this page (starting at 6:30).
See the meeting packet here.
Attend in person at City Hall.