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7:30AM Citizens Budget Advisory Board @ City Hall

Photo by Joyce Davell - Click to enlarge

The Finance Director will review the April sales, use, and lodging tax revenue. The group will hear about the successes and foibles of the new parking system. Staff will also update them on planned traffic changes. The meeting packet doesn't preview the intended topics, but City Council approved payment on an upgrade to the downtown traffic signals last night, so perhaps that's the focus. They plan to spend 20 minutes on Clear Creek Management.

The committee will discuss whether they should allow remote attendance for their meetings. Other City Boards and Commissions allow this, and of course CBAC operated this way during the COVID shut-down. They will decide whether to permit members to participate remotely.

Staff will update the group on various City-related topics.

Watch the meeting on this page (starting at 7:30AM).
See the Meeting Packet Here.
Attend in person at City Hall.