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Golden Tourist Camp on Jackson Street, between 22nd and 23rd Streets - Click to enlarge

96 Years Ago

The June 14, 1928 Colorado Transcript reports that “The Vagabond Book Shop” was visiting at the Golden Camp Grounds. This was a custom vehicle that served as both camper and bookstore. The living quarters included running water, a gas plate, and a sink. The bookstore carried 1000 volumes, including “some of the finest literature that the world has produced.”

The owners of the shop were based in Carmel, California but apparently traveled to tourist towns. A Golden resident had been visiting Santa Fe when she met the itinerant booksellers. They were planning to go from Santa Fe to Estes Park, but she persuaded them to make a stop in Golden along the way.

The mobile bookstore was an interesting novelty, but Golden was not bereft of a book source: there had been a bookstore in downtown Golden continuously since the 1870s. The proprietor at that time was Fred Robinson, who owned the bookstore from 1912-1947.

The Golden Transcript (originally called the Colorado Transcript) has been publishing since 1866. The Golden History Museum has been working on digitizing the historic issues. You’ll find old Transcripts online at