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6-8PM Chasing Fireballs - A Fireside Chat @ Dinosaur Ridge

Chasing Fireballs - meteorite hunting - shows a flaming meteor heading to earth

Stories of the global hunt for meteorites from space rock career chaser Elizabeth Aerolite. Learn about the sites where meteorites have been found, what they're made of, where they're from, and what they're worth! Food and drinks included in the price. Seating is limited!

Join us on June 4th at 6pm at the Martin G. Lockley Discovery Center for a fascinating lecture with Fireball Chaser Aerolite Elizabeth! We all know the story of the impact that ended the Age of Dinosaurs, and Elizabeth is going to share her stories of hunting for meteorites around the world.

Elizabeth is a meteorite executive and educator who started her space rock career producing reality television for Discovery Channel's Emmy Award-winning show Meteorite Men. She took on several managerial and production roles and was instrumental in coordinating behind-the-scenes operations for Geoffrey Notkin and his co-host, Steve Arnold, during the filming of all three seasons.

As company president of Aerolite Meteorites, Elizabeth manages day-to-day operations, financials, sales, marketing, and community outreach for the company. She’s also a seasoned meteorite hunter and instructor, having lead many expeditions in the United States and Morocco. In addition to being one of its founders, Elizabeth also sits on the Board of Directors of the Science Arts and Space Institute, a Tucson nonprofit aiming to share its passion for science, the arts, and space by providing exceptional educational programs and resources. In these positions, Elizabeth’s focus and expertise is extending the organizations’ presence into STEM education and creating positive and accessible experiences for the local community.

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Dinosaur Ridge Discovery Center
17681 W. Alameda Parkway (map)