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6:30PM City Council Regular Business Meeting @ City Hall
The consent matters include first reading of the ordinance to annex the Bachman property and zone it Conservation. They will also have a first reading of an ordinance to rezone part of the Kilgroe PUD to contain multi-family residential in an area currently zoned as business park. They will also approve a contract for $197,942.23 to replace AV equipment in the Community Center. They will review an IGA with the Department of Transportation regarding work on Hwy 93.

They will read a proclamation for National Public Health Week, April 1-7th.

They will have a public hearing on some changes to the municipal code to cover GURA and DDA.

The will vote a resolution to standardize rules of procedure for all boards and commissions.

They will then go into executive session (no public, no camera) to discuss the performance of the City Attorney.