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Closing Weekend for A Jukebox for the Algonquin

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You have only two chances left to see A Jukebox for the Algonquin. Remaining performances are tonight at 7:30PM and tomorrow at 2PM. Here's a fun thing to contemplate as you watch the play: the man playing the unassuming janitor is the playwright!

The residents at the Placid Pines Senior Care Center really want a jukebox. When it costs more than the center can raise, a small band of former Brooklyn and Bronx residents hatch a plot to prove that aging is not a New York state of mind. Don't miss the regional premiere of this serious comedy about sex, drugs, and rocking chairs! A Wilde Award Winner for Best New Play of 2023-24.Age recommendation: 13 and older, for adult subjects and older adult humor.

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Miners Alley Performing Arts Center
1103 Arapahoe Street (map)