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Guy Hill School being moved down the Canyon – Golden Transcript – June 26, 1975 – enlarge - Click to enlarge

49 Years Ago
The June 26, 1975 Golden Transcript described the Guy Hill School’s journey from Golden Gate Canyon to the 12th Street grounds of Mitchell Elementary.

Guy Hill School House circa 1900 – Golden History Museum Collection – enlarge

The school had served the Guy Hill District for many decades, but was no longer used. The owners agreed to give it to Mitchell Elementary. Many groups and citizens were involved in the project, but Mitchell Elementary students led the effort and raised $2,000 to make it happen. The Marine Corps Reserve pitched it and Wharton Construction Company donated the use of a crane.

The main school room lifted from its foundation and being lowered onto the flatbed truck – Golden Transcript – June 26, 1975 – enlarge

The 100 year old building was separated into two pieces (the entryway and the main schoolroom) for the move and then loaded on a flatbed truck. According to the Transcript, “A parade of cars filled with students, U.S. Marines and parents from the Mitchell Elementary School PTA followed the Guy Hill school through Golden Gate Canyon.”

The project was devised to celebrate Colorado’s centennial and the U.S. bicentennial in 1976. The schoolhouse was restored and sat on Mitchell School grounds. It was frequently used to give students the one room school house experience.

Guy Hill Schoolhouse by Andrew Terrill – enlarge

When the original Mitchell School on 12th Street was demolished, the Guy Hill School building was moved to the newly-forming Clear Creek History Park. There, it is used for summer camps and History Park events.

Interior of the Guy Hill Schoolhouse – Dave Powers – enlarge

Thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!