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Golden beer: A bike tour to Golden's best breweries

By John Frank

Golden is known as a biking hub with its mountain trails, expansive views and challenging roads. One circuit that is too often overlooked is a brewery tour... Read more...

Golden High School graduates celebrate four years of hard work, determination

By Corinne Westeman
Golden Transcript

How fitting that, after receiving their diplomas, Golden High School graduates also received a sunflower as they walked back to their seats.

Like sunflowers, the Class of 2024 flourished under the Colorado sun. The graduates adapted to an ever-changing environment, and maintained a sense of optimism through it all... Read more...

A new thru-hike circling Denver takes map skills — which is all part of the adventure

By Mindy Sink
Denver Post

Is Denver’s new 177-mile Orbital Trail something you’ve been wanting to try?

There are some things you need to know before you go. Primarily, it’s not a true orbital trail. More like a suggestion of one... Read more...

Mines faculty recognized for excellence in teaching, research and mentorship

By Emilie Rusch
Colorado School of Mines Newsroom

The Office of Academic Affairs at Colorado School of Mines is proud to announce the winners of the 2023-2024 Faculty Awards for excellence in teaching, research and mentorship... Read more...