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World War II propaganda posters urging people to recycle to support the war effort
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Tin cans for scrap salvage to be acceptable at detinning plants must be washed, labels removed, ends cut out and can flattened.
Colorado Transcript - January 28, 1943

81 Years Ago
I expected "Tin on the Hog-Back," which appeared in the July 8th, 1943 Colorado Transcript, to be about a new ore discovery. As it turned out, it contained a pointed rebuke about Golden's unpatriotic waste disposal habits.

City Council had recently discussed moving the town dump from a spot near the highway to some gulch in a less-visible location. The Transcript team decided to visit the dump for themselves.

Upon arrival, what most struck them was the appalling number of cans that people were bringing to the dump. They were supposed to be donating them for use in the war effort.

Besides being an unsightly mess right along side of one of Golden’s main feeder roads, this dump has another objectional feature. It witnesses that Golden folks have in a large measure neglected to salvage for the army their tin cans. There is enough tin on the hog-back in this one dump to blow Hitler to hell, were the shot properly placed.
Colorado Transcript - July 8, 1943