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Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum: Ricky Tims Presents From Conception to Completion

Three women and one man in chatting in front of  a colorful quilt with fish motif.

4-7PM Ricky will provide an insightful lecture / workshop that focuses on how Ricky Tims, a quilt artist, fosters ideas from conception to completion. The lecture will offer suggestions on connecting with the Creative Muse and provide insight into various ways quilters should approach their ideas. Additionally, Ricky will share an overview of various techniques that would be required to bring a vision to reality.

Supplies: Curiosity, open mind, a friend or fellow artist (doesn't have to be a quilter!) AND a brand new sketchbook to take notes and allow your mind to take off in new directions, about creating quilts, art, or any type of creative endeavor.

$ 75 - Learn more and buy tickets

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum
200 Violet Street (map)