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Color photo showing the Steve's Corner sign with rampant horse.  Black & white photo showing horse being raised to sign
Left photo from the Golden History Museum collection | Right photo from the June 28, 1978 Golden Transcript - Click to enlarge

Steve’s Corner Western Wear store opened at the corner of 13th and Washington in the fall of 1976. It took them a couple of years to put up their signature sign–the rampant stallion.

46 Years Ago
This photo from the June 28, 1978 Golden Transcript shows the day it went up. The caption that went with the photo laid on the horse humor:

There was plenty of horsin’ around the other day at 13th Avenue and Washington in Golden. The object of all this horseplay was to get a horse atop the Steve’s Corner sign, of course. It was a nagging job which called for a lot of horse sense, but once up, the sign was something to bray about.

Steve Steinhoff, owner of Steve’s Corner – Golden Transcript – June 1, 1979

Steve's Corner closed in the early 2000s and was replaced by Starbuck’s--which has since been replaced by Red Silo Coffee Roasters.

Color postcard of Washington Avenue in the 1970s
Steve's Corner horse appears in the center of this postcard and the Holland House bull appears on the left.