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The City unveiled their new website, Residents who register their cars on this site will be able to park downtown for two hours without having to sign in with the kiosks or the app. The ParkMobile app will no longer cover Golden; instead, QR codes will be posted around downtown to take users to the website. Again, if you've registered your cars and plan to stay less than two hours, you won't need to use the kiosk or re-register with the website.

Proposed City Hall
My apologies to those who attended the meeting in response to yesterday's article saying that the Councilors would be available to discuss the proposed City Hall. Thanks for making the effort to be there.

I stayed after the meeting to discuss the issue with Councilors Evans, Vitry, and Haseman. They say the decision to build a new City Hall is already made–that it has always been implicit in the overall Heart of Golden Plan.

On Tuesday, they will hold a Study Session (no public comment) to decide how the $59-65 million project will be funded--whether it will go to a vote or be financed using COPs, which do not require a vote.

If you have questions or comments, you can contact your councilors or send email to Again, there will not be an opportunity for public comment before or during Tuesday's Study Session.

Learn more about the City Hall project.