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2-3PM Active Minds Monday - North Korea

At Jefferson County Public Library, we foster continuous learning and connections. Keep your minds engaged every Monday! Be sure to explore our website for additional weekly event options, including call-ins and livestreams.

Today’s theme: North Korea

Tensions between North Korea, the United States, and much of the East Asian region are longstanding with no clear path for resolution. Join Active Minds for a discussion of recent developments as well as a review of North Korean history. We will cover the dynastic leadership of the Kim family as well as the country’s ongoing development of nuclear weapons. North Korea’s place in the world relative to global issues such as international trade and human rights issues will also be addressed as well as what the future may hold as this situation continues to unfold.

Save your spot for this Zoom program. Log-in instructions will be emailed out approximately 30 minutes before the start of the program. For your security, please do not include your last name or only use your last initial when you register. If you are 13 years old or younger, please be sure you have a guardian’s permission to participate in this online program.

Call 1-669-254-5252 or 646-828-7666 to join by phone.

Meeting ID: 160 283 9630

Password: 268826