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Golden City Hall - blond brick one story building - red tulips in foreground
Photo by Joyce Davell

Public Comment
The meeting will begin with public comment. Several public hearings are scheduled tonight. Comments on those topics will be accepted as part of the hearings. Comments on any other subjects must to given at the beginning of the meeting. If you prefer providing written comment, send it to Any written comments received before 3PM will be added to the online meeting packet.

Consent Matters
Consent matters are considered uncontroversial, not requiring discussion. The first consent matter is approval of a $2 million contract for concrete replacement. The second is a plan to begin spending money from the storm drainage fund, primarily for the Lena Gulch project. The City expects to issue up to $7 million in tax-exempt bonds to finance the project. The proceeds of that bond sale would go to reimburse the storm drainage fund.

The will read proclamations regarding LGBTQ+Pride Month and National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Lutheran Hospital
The Philanthropy Office from the new Lutheran Hospital being built in Wheat Ridge will tell Council about the project.

Jefferson County Public Schools
The Superintendent will provide information about the public school system.

Public Hearing: Change to Municipal Code re: site improvements
Current municipal code covers requirements and time frames for grading (moving dirt on) a construction site. The updated code will broaden the requirements to include not only grading but installing infrastructure such as water and sewer connections, stormwater collection devices, and sidewalks.

Resolution regarding fees for Site Improvement Permits
The item includes the schedule for fees based on the valuation of the work. The fees range from $1 to $6,169 for the first million dollars, and goes up from there for each $1K above $1 million. Plan Review Fees of 65% of the permit fees will also be assessed, plus credit card fees, outside consultant review fees, etc.

Public Hearing: Multi-family workforce housing on the Kilgroe Property
The Planning Commission considered this plan and concluded that, though they do want more affordable housing in Golden, and there is public transportation available near the Kilgroe Property, the north end of town is unsuitable for affordable housing, due to lack of amenities.

Public Hearing: Increasing the Amount of Economic Incentive the City can provide to developers
The City wants to increase the amount of economic incentive they can offer developers without voter approval from $100,000 to $177,000. This amount will increase over time to keep pace with inflation.

Note: at present, the City can circumvent the $100,000 limit by offering the subsidy through GURA. The most recent affordable housing project in the East Street neighborhood received $100K from the City and an additional $400K from GURA (Golden Urban Renewal Authority).

Public Hearing: Regulating "certain commercial recreational activities" on Clear Creek.
This ordinance will authorize city staff to limit tube sales during peak periods.