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very early photo of Golden with Washington, Ford, and East Streets marked and a red line down 12th St. to Kinney Run
Early view of Kinney Run from the Dan Abbott collection. The red line shows the route from Rundlett’s store to Kinney Run.

Kinney Run winds through the south side of Golden, starting in the foothills and eventually joining Clear Creek near Ford Street. It serves as the drainage for much of south Golden, collecting run-off when it rains. The confluence, where the Run meets the Creek, used to slope rather steeply down to the Creek. The area would have accumulated soil from runoff, and like any good delta, was probably a rich, fertile patch of land. It was also a fun place for kids to play.

That area has long since been shored up, filled in, and covered with concrete and pavement by the City and by Coors. This is a story from before that area was “civilized.”

For a number of years, the Transcript ran occasional pieces called “Unwritten History.” They often included the fond reminiscences by solid citizens of things they did in their wild youths in Golden.

94 Years Ago
The March 20, 1930 Colorado Transcript included this brief article:

It was more than 25 years ago that Kinney run blossomed forth as a mysterious sort of garden one summer.

pictures of several types of plants on a background of soil.  Seed packets at the top with seeds spilling out.
Sweet peas, morning glories, bean vines, nasturtium, turnips, and phlox

Along the banks of this little stream were to be found patches of turnips and beets, growing among a profusion of nasturtiums, sweet peas and phlox. Bean vines were interwoven with morning glories. Few ever knew the reason for the appearance of these plants in this uncultivated area.

pen and ink drawing of a 3 story brick building with many chimneys and signs for Rundlett furniture, books, stationery, books
Rundlett store in the Bella Vista Hotel – 1893 Golden Globe Industrial Edition

It happened when two Golden lads made away with a collection of packets of seeds from the Rundlett store in the old Bella Vista hotel. Fearful of being caught with the incriminating spoils they sowed the seeds along the banks of Kinney run.

Thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!