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Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the California Zephyr

Reproduction of a silver passenger car with dome roof section atop a stone trilithon
This monument to Vistadome cars, which were used on the California Zephyr, originally stood in Glenwood Canyon. When Interstate 70 was built through the canyon, the monument was removed and eventually made its way to the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden.

The Railroad Museum is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the California Zephyr (scenic passenger train from Chicago to San Francisco) with several special events today. The Vistadome Monument (shown above) will be rechristened at 9:30.

The Denver & Rio Grande Western locomotive--which was used on the Zephyr--will be open for tours between 10AM and 3PM.

Cathy Moran, who worked as a Zephyrette (a hostess) on the train will describe her experiences as part of the crew at 11:30AM and 1PM in the museum's pavilion.

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