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City Council - March 5, 2024

City council will meet with each board chair to discuss their 2024 plan. They will update the City's fees and buy two new street sweepers. They will approve a new IGA with the School of Mines, which plans to build a new 6 story dorm.


Emails sent to are posted once a week. This week’s comments included more requests for gates to close Lookout Mountain Road at night, a suggestion that Beverly Heights Park be locked at night, a request for speed bumps on Illinois Street south of 19th, and a complaint about street musicians on Washington Avenue.

Emails sent to will be added to the meeting packet for tonight’s City Council meeting after 3PM.

5PM City Council Regular Study Session @ City Hall
Council will meet with the chairs of each of the boards and commission to discuss accomplishments for 2023 and goals for 2024. These groups include: Investment Advisory Committee, Volunteer Firefighter Pension Board, Mobility and Transportation Advisory Board, Community Sustainability Advisory Board, Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Board, Parks, Recreation and Museum Advisory Board, Economic Development Commission, Public Arts Commission, Downtown Development Authority, Golden Urban Renewal Authority

5PM City Council Regular Business Meeting @ City Hall
Council accepts public comment at the beginning of the meeting. There are no public hearings tonight, so if you wish to address council you must do it during the Public Comment period.

Based on the NextDoor chatter, people have opinions about the new Mines residence hall. Your only opportunity to provide in-person comment will be at the beginning of the meeting. Alternatively, you can email comments to

Consent Matters (no discussion)
They will vote to approve the City’s 2024 fee schedule. Most of the fees are unchanged, but parking fees and fines have gone up considerably. Newly added is a fine of up to $1,000 for “Waste of Water.” They will approve the purchase of two new street sweepers. One will be diesel and cost $386,813. The other will be electric and will cost $769,495, of which $424,200 will be covered by a grant. They will approve on first reading a change to the municipal code regarding GURA and the DDA.

They will read a Proclamation honoring International Women’s Day.

They will vote to approve a new IGA (Inter-Governmental Agreement) with the School of Mines, covering the new 6 story residence hall that they plan to build south of 19th Street and west of Illinois Street.

They will approve their 2024 Strategic Action Plan.

Staff Report on Historic Street Names
They will listen to a staff report regarding new signs that will show the early names of four streets in town that were originally named for pioneer women. The report contains a nice write-up describing each of the women and their contributions to the Golden community.