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oil painting of a white-haired, mustached man in a suit wearing wire-rimmed glasses
Portrait of William Sarell from the Golden History Museum collection

80 Years Ago
The May 4, 1944 Colorado Transcript published the sad news that William Sarell had died at age 93.

Mr. Sarell came to Golden with his parents when he was 16 years old. He ran a hardware store in Golden for more than 60 years–first in partnership with his father, and later with his son Raymond.

sepia-toned early photo of Golden with Calvary Church and the Loveland block in brick & other buildings of frame
Calvary Church appears on right side of this 1871 image of Golden. It would have been 4 years old at that time.

He worked until he was 91, and for many years enjoyed his status as the elder statesman of Washington Avenue. In his later years, he often gave interviews to the Transcript, highlighting the facts that he was here when Calvary Church was built and he worked as a page for the Territorial Legislature.

1 historic photos of buildings in Golden and two modern photos
Homes of Sarell Hardware – old photos from the Golden History Museum collection; new ones from Google maps

Sarell Hardware operated in several locations through its years in business–first in a small shop on 12th Street, moving to the Harrison Block (where Creekside Jewelers are now) in 1878. The following year, they moved to the Opera House (now the Ace Hi Tavern). Sometime before 1901, they constructed a building at 13th and Ford. In 1908 they bought 1118 Washington (now the Red Wagon). Sometime before 1937, they bought their final home at 1112 Washington Avenue.

December 26, 1866 Colorado Transcript Ad

Their first advertisement appeared in 1866. At that time, they specialized in producing custom metalwork. They next added stoves, tinware, and nails. Over the years, the types of inventory grew–from churns to tools to step ladders, cutlery, roofing supplies, plumbing supplies, garden supplies, and garden seeds.

William died in 1944 at the age of 93. Unfortunately, his son (and business partner of 45 years) died 2 weeks later, bringing the 60 year old family business to an abrupt halt. All three generations of Sarell Hardware owners are buried in the Golden cemetery.

Sarell Hardware went through a few owners in the year after the Sarells died, but in the summer of 1945, Joe and Ruby Meyer came to town and bought the store--which remained in the Meyer family until 2021.

The Golden Transcript (originally called the Colorado Transcript) has been publishing since 1866. The Golden History Museum has been working on digitizing the historic issues. You’ll find old Transcripts online at