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shows 2 small frame homes, one with picket fence surrounding the yard
916-918 9th Street in the 8th & 9th Street Historic District

The Historic Preservation Board will consider two cases and will hear a status report on an on-going project in the 12th Street Historic District.

916-918 9th Street (map)
The owner of 916-918 9th Street has requested that those properties be withdrawn from the 8th & 9th Street Historic District. His request is based on several recent decisions made by the HPB that "supported an environment of scrape and development into larger suburban-type dwellings that are not in character with the historic character of the historic neighborhoods." Two of these changes (one scrape and one large remodel) are located across the street from his properties. His letter states that the City "has demonstrated incompetence in its oversight and administration of Municipal Code Municipal Code 18.58.010 by asserting regulation in a haphazard and inconsistent manner." He concludes that "Inclusion in the Historic District negatively impacts the potential sale value of the property." His letter begins on p. 15 of the meeting packet.

822 12th Street - The Astor House (map)
Foothills Art Center is requesting approval to change the sign painted on the side of the Astor House to indicate its new status as part of Foothills Art Center. The painted sign does not date back to the hotel/boarding house uses of the building. It was added by Golden Landmarks Association while they were fixing up the property in an effort to convince the citizens of Golden to save it.

THE ASTOR HOUSE is now distinguished by an attractive new sign painted in appropriate letter style of the 1800’s on the east wall of the building at 12th and Arapahoe Sts. The blue lettering on the white wall is very distinctive. The Astor House is open to visitors at various hours. Perhaps you will want to visit this historic house before the election concerning it in June so you can make up your own mind as to how you will vote.
Avenue Flashes - Golden Transcript - May 17, 1972

before and after images showing of 2 story brick house with front porch, followed by only the 1st floor of the front wall
1014 12th Street in May, 2023 (Google Street Images) and November 2023 (photo by Frank Hanou)

1014 12th Street (map)
This house, built in 1893, was a contributing structure to the 12th Street Historic District. In 2022, HPB approved a plan to modify the home, retaining the front porch, front wall, and front rooms, going back 13 feet. The owner and contractor will explain why they demolished everything behind the front wall and how they plan to restore and reconstruct it.

City Hall Council Chambers
911 10th Street (map)