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old-fashioned grocery store with merchandise behind the counter, two women patrons and five men, apparently employees
Interior of Koenig's Mercantile, circa 1920 - Golden History Museum Collection

99 Years Ago
The May 7, 1925 Colorado Transcript announced the death of Nicholas Koenig, the long-time owner of the Koenig Mercantile. Nick Koenig was born in Switzerland, grew up in Pennsylvania, and arrived in Golden in 1878. He was a partner in a dry goods store in the Opera House Block (now the Ace Hi Tavern) before buying the grocery business in 1884.

2-story 4 square Victorian house with a sun porch in front and a balcony over the porch. 1968 Chevy wagon in front
The Koenig home at 915th 12th St. (map) has since been demolished

Mr. Koenig prospered, and was a leading citizen, serving as school board member, alderman, and Mayor. He suffered a stroke in his office at the store in 1925 and died at his home on 12th Street a few days later.

man with mustache, gray hair, and wire-rimmed glasses wearing a suit with tie tac and lapel pin
Nicholas Koenig, 1849-1925 - Golden History Museum Collection

His funeral was held at the Woods Chapel (11th and Washington). He is buried in the Golden Cemetery.

2-story brick commercial building the arched windows and a third-floor dormer. Sign says N. KOENIG
Koenig Mercantile (1884-1941) in 1903 - Golden History Museum Collection

The Koenig family continued to run the store until 1941. At that time, the new owner (Cliff Schoech) renamed the store from "Koenig Mercantile" to “Golden Mercantile.” Mr. Schoech ran the store until his retirement in 1977. The next owners kept it as a grocery store, but lasted only one year in the business.

first floor view of the corner of the store, now painted, with sign saying FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS
Golden Mercantile, 1941 - same store under new ownership at 12th and Washington - Golden History Museum Collection

In 1978, the former grocery store became a meat market and delicatessen, but retained the "Golden Mercantile" name. When a new owner changed to Mexican cuisine in 1988, he too kept the name "Golden Mercantile." That business lasted until about 1990, after which the building was empty for some time.

2 story brick building with a row of sign boards between the first & second floors
Golden Mercantile Restaurant in 1985 - Golden History Museum Collection

When the building reopened as a southwestern restaurant in about 1992, the Mercantile name was finally retired. The new restaurant was called "Silverheels."

Many thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and many thanks to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!