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black and white image of Coors brick brewery and the Coors family home
Coors Brewery, 1897-1910 - Denver Public Library Western Photography Collection, X-10046

125 Years Ago
Clippings from the May 10, 1899 Colorado Transcript

A representative of THE TRANSCRIPT made a visit to Coors' Golden Brewery the other day, and found everything in apple pie order--much neater,in fact than he is used to around the print shop. Mr. Coors is turning out splendid goods and enjoying good patronage.

The marshal and city herder have been getting in their work on stray stock the past few days.

A flock of 1,300 sheep were driven through town yesterday. They below to J. J. Mathews, who has rented a ranch at the head of Indian gulch on which to feed them. They came from the W.C. Henry ranch on Bear Creek.

team of men in uniforms pulling a hose cart that is decorated with American flags - business buildings in background
Golden Fire Department Inspection Day Parade - Golden History Museum Collection

Inspection Day
Don't forget the annual inspection day ball of the Golden fire department Friday evening, the 19th inst.

Owing to the city council failing to appropriate money for a band for the occasion, it is likely that our firemen will make their inspection day parade without music. Mayor Rubey and Councilmen Linder and Moody proposed that members of the city government foot the bill as individuals, and these gentlemen subscribed one-half the amount, but up to date the balance has not been raised.

drawing of Golden in 1882 with the path of Tucker Gulch and the future site of the glass works marked
Tucker Gulch and the Future Site of the Glass Works - Excerpt from the 1882 Birdseye View Map of Golden

Juvenile Delinquents
The Golden Illuminating Co. will hereafter refuse to maintain street lights in the part of Golden northeast of the glass works, as the "sure shot" kids in that vicinity use them for targets, with disastrous results.

Note: 30 years later, Neil West Kimball (a scion of the Transcript clan) remembered this group of kids as follows: “The Tucker gulch gang, with “Tight” Smith as the leader, was the most fearsome of those organizations. ‘Tucker gulch, the farther you go the tougher you get, and we live in the last house,’ was the motto of this organization." Colorado Transcript - November 14, 1929

2-1/2 story brick building with central stone stairbase and arched doorway - Castle Rock in background
Engineering Hall on the School of Mines Campus

Housing Shortage
Beginning with the next school year classes at the State School of Mines will be called at eight o'clock every morning. This will necessitate all the students residing in Golden, and of course more houses will be needed. At the present time there is not a desirable residence vacant in Golden, and with a hundred or more new students coming next year, many with their families, what are we to do with them?

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Thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!