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Lady in glasses sitting at a desk on left side, Golden Globe cover with pen & Ink drawings of early Golden on right
Pansy Hook, Curator at the Golden Pioneer Museum (now the Golden History Museum) and the Golden Globe 1893 Golden Globe Industrial Edition

The April 23, 1967 Colorado Transcript celebrated the large desk and chair recently acquired by the Pioneer Museum, which would make it easier to work with old copies of the Golden Globe.

Pansy Hook, Curator at the Golden Pioneer Museum can research in style. So can you! The museum was recently gifted a large desk and chair just for the use of researchers who use the old copies of the Globe, and need space, light, and a chair to sit down on as they pour for hours over the old books. It is a useful gift, to be used by all students and citizens for their work.

drawings of Coors, the illuminating company, Vogel feed mill, Eagle Brewing, White Ash coal, and the brickworks
Drawings of Golden industries from the 1893 Golden Globe Industrial Edition

This caught my attention for two reasons. First, the Golden library used to have a copy of the 1893 Golden Globe Industrial Edition, which I used to visit regularly. (It was big, and it would be helpful to have a desk for reading a hard copy!) I eventually managed to acquire a scanned copy, and now I frequently use the pen and ink drawings that appeared in that volume.

stucco-covered Victorian house with green trim, flowers, a bench, and a tree in front
Pansy's Parlor Bed & Breakfast - Photo by Richard Luckin

Second, because the Museum's curator--Pansy Hook--was the scion of an old Golden family. Pansy's Parlor--the Bed & Breakfast on 12th Street--was her childhood home, and is named after her.