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An Arbor Day Tale: Matt's Methodist Trees

Same view of a church with Castle Rock in the background-no trees in 2012 and growing trees in 2015, 2019, and 2023
Matt Burde's Tree Project, 2012-2023 - Google Street Images

In 2010, the City redesigned Jackson Street to include a bike lane and better sidewalks.  The original plan called for a number of trees to be planted along the thoroughfare, to make it a more pleasant place to walk.  Due to budgetary constraints, the trees on the east side between 15th & 16th (in front of the Methodist Church parking lot) were omitted from the final project.

Golden resident Matt Burde was serving on the Planning Commission at that time, and had been involved in the street project. He regretted the missing trees, wishing they had been included in the final plan.  In 2011, he contact the Methodist Church to ask their support for planting trees in the buffer along Jackson Street, and in  2012, he approached GURA, asking whether they would contribute money to plant trees. It took about a year, and a couple of visits to GURA, but in 2013 GURA allocated $15,000 to plant 12 trees (four northern catalpas, four regal prince oaks, and four espresso coffee trees).

Matt Burde - Photo by Dave Powers

Matt worked with the city forester and department of public works, both of whom contributed their expertise and assistance, and the 12 trees were planted for well under the $15,000 GURA had allocated.

Thanks for the trees, Matt, Methodists, GURA, and the City Forestry Department!

shows a row of trees along the church parking lot
Matt's Methodist Trees, 2023 - Google Street Images