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1882 Birdseye Map of Golden, showing the location of the roundhouse – enlarge

103 Years Ago
The May 5, 1921 Colorado Transcript announced a major blow to Golden's economy and prestige. The Colorado & Southern Railroad had decided to close the roundhouse.

Golden Roundhouse – Dan Abbott Collection – note the smaller narrow gauge engine, second to left – enlarge

Ever since the railroad was built in the early 1870s, Golden had been the maintenance hub. By the 1920s, freight traffic to and from the mining towns (Central City, Blackhawk, Idaho Springs, Georgetown, Silver Plume) had slowed down considerably, so the railroad was looking for ways to cut costs.

To that end, they decided to consolidate their maintenance work in Denver. Several railroad employees were forced to relocate from Golden to Denver.

The roundhouse was closed, and remained shuttered for several years. It was razed in August of 1927.

The top map is an excerpt from the 1878 Willits map of Golden, showing the roundhouse and other railroad facilities. The lower map uses a Google map to show where the roundhouse used to be. – enlarge