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old red brick church with a sign in front saying "Foothills Art Center"
Foothills Art Center Creative Campus

After a wait of many long months, Foothills Art Center Creative Campus is re-opening this weekend. The original site, at 15th and Washington, has been renovated into artists' studios and classrooms. This is where you'll go to take classes, bring the kids for summer camps, to visit individual artists and to see their work right where it was created.

3 panels showing finished bowls and vases and one panel showing metal kilns
Ceramics Studio

Be sure you visit their new ceramics studio and see their wonderful kilns. They have a number of scheduled classes coming up--more about that next week.

Janine and Charlie Sturdavant in their adjoining studios, where she paints and he makes jewelry

If you're an artist yourself, you can join their creative community and use their space to create your own art while enjoying the company and support of kindred spirits.

room with folding chambers and chairs and tall, multi-paned gothic style stained glass windows
Creative Space

Today's preview is for members only. But here's the great part: you can join right now for as little as $0.

Foothills Art Center Creative Campus will open to the public tomorrow, starting at 10, with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Golden Chamber. Their new gallery location at the Astor House will open next weekend.

Foothills Art Center
809 15th Street (map)