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Tomorrow night, the Mountaineering Museum will be presenting an interesting, inspiring program.

This spring, Jake Norton, Charley Mace, Brent Bishop and Dave Morton attempted to recreate the historic 1963 Mount Everest Expedition up the daunting West Ridge. After two long months on the mountain, treacherous conditions sent them back before reaching the summit, but not without many life-lessons and accomplishments along the way.

Now that he’s returned to Golden, Jake will share slides and stories from their trip, the significance of the 1963 climb and how he continues to reach “higher than Everest” through Challenge21.  Challenge21 is a 4-year attempt to climb the Triple Seven Summits – or the three highest peaks on all seven continents – and use these climbs to raise awareness of the global water and sanitation crises, and to raise at least $2.1 million for Water For People.  $5 admission. 6 PM.