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Beer Talks and a New Ocean Group

Golden Beer Talks - 1st Anniversary

Last night’s 1st anniversary Golden Beer Talks meeting had a standing room only crowd.  Dr. James White gave a fascinating talk about climate change.  Dr. Jim Dale did a great job of auctioning off our Deluxe Beer Talk experience (so much so that he sold it four times!)  Thanks, as always, to Windy Saddle for hosting us!

A new group is forming in Golden, and will meet tonight at the Old Capitol Grill (1122 Washington) from 5:30-8.  The Colorado Ocean Coalition is a conservation group, dedicated to protecting the ocean and the waterways that feed into it.  There is an active chapter of this group in Boulder, and a small group of locals is working to start a Golden chapter.  Stop by the Old Capitol Grill tonight and learn more about it.  (You don’t need to spend the whole time there – it’s a drop-in kind of occasion.)  For more information please call Beverly Reeves at 303-386-5180.