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Tonight’s City Council meeting is likely to be tempestuous.  The Mayor and City Manager have been negotiating for several months with the groups to the north of Golden who want to build a highway from the northwest suburbs down to meet C-470.  The traffic would go right through Golden, along the current Highway 93/Highway 6.

The negotiations have resulted in several concessions that would mitigate the impact of the increased traffic as it goes through town.  City Council seems likely to approve the agreement and withdraw Golden’s long-term resistance to the proposed highway.  This decision is infuriating many people who have spent years trying to prevent the highway from coming through town.

Since the language of the agreement has not been finalized, no vote will occur tonight, but public comment will be taken.  Attend in person, watch the meeting on cable channel 8, or watch it live, streaming from the City’s website.  7 PM at 911 10th Street..