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I attended a planning meeting yesterday for Saturday’s Miners Alley Better Block party.  The point of this exercise is to allow people to see how Miners Alley could be used differently, by providing a quick simulation.  Better Block parties have been done all over the country, and they seem to work well.  Learn more about the concept, and see some examples, at

This being Golden, we’re going to make a big party out of the event!  We’re going to have 8 bands playing at different times throughout the day, plus a children’s Shakespeare performance, vendors selling popcorn, cupcakes, burritos, gyros, coffee, shaved ice, and lots of other treats.  We’ll have a beer garden and a cocktail garden and games for kids.  Miners Alley will be transformed with art, trees, and flowers.

Does it sound like fun?  Would you like to help?  ON FRIDAY, we need two (2) able-bodied, strong individuals to help “gesso” a wall that will be used by Jesse Crock, who will be painting a mural during the Better Block Golden event.  For more information about times and location, contact Alyssa Graves.  We are also looking for one (1) volunteer willing to help with a pressure washer.  For more information about time and location, contact Dan Thoemke.

We are in search of several pairs of VERY LARGE dice for use in street hopscotch.  Got any that we can use during the day?


We need a minimum of eight (8) volunteers to help monitor some specific art activities, help manage the “beer garden” activities, the “public comment” sunflower activities, and generally help the day and designs unfold.  More is definitely better!  Come to the check-in area at the back of the Capitol Grill, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to have a great time!


While the time concept is from dawn until dusk, actual work on the various elements of the Better Block Golden begin to unfold about 8 am.  Food, music, and art slowly continue to be added as the morning progress.  The festivities begin to slow down and what was Miner’s Alley returns to its original simple design by early evening.  Clean-up teams begin the close-down process by 8 p.m.

Saturday will be a fun and interesting day, so plan to come–either as a helper or as a partier!