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This is Buy Golden Week, during which we all make an extra effort to support our home town businesses.  Although Golden’s economy is strong during the summer and the holidays, January through April can be painfully slow for local businesses.  Make a point to do some shopping here in Golden or enjoy a meal in a Golden restaurant.

Participating in Buy Golden Week benefits not only the local economy, but the Golden schools!  A portion of the sales tax generated during Buy Golden Week goes to the public schools within the Golden city limits.

Need some ideas?  Check our dining and shopping guides.  Don’t forget all the services located here in Golden.  If you want to celebrate a big night out, spend the night in one of our hotels or bed & breakfasts.

Do you receive the Golden Business News email?  Every day we send out a brief message about a Golden business:  sales, specials, a new line of merchandise, a new business, an old business that you may not know about…just things we think you’ll enjoy hearing about.  To subscribe,  just visit this page and enter your email address.