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City Council: Budget, Solid Waste, Closing Arapahoe St., New Senior Housing

City Council meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers.  They will hold a public hearing on the 2015/16 operating budget and capital improvements plan.  They will vote on a new ordinance, which will expand the current pay-as-you-throw solid waste and recycling plan.   They will consider a request by Calvary Church to vacate Arapahoe Street between 13th and 14th, so the church can build another building there.  They will hold a public hearing on the question of granting a senior housing exemption for a proposed new senior living facility to be built at Golden Gate Canyon Road and Highway 93.

If you have opinions about any of those issues, attend the council meeting and plan to speak, or email them prior to the meeting at  As always, you can watch the meeting live on cable channel 8 or on the city website.  Prior meetings are also available for viewing from that page.