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City Council Discusses Zoning and Rezoning

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6:30PM City Council Regular Business Meeting @ City Hall
Consent matters” are generally items that don’t require discussion or a public hearing. Councilors can request that any of these items be removed from the consent agenda, so they can discuss them.

Ordinances come to Council twice–first for a “first reading,” and the second time for a second reading and public hearing. The first reading generally goes on the consent agenda.

Tonight’s consent matters include the first reading of several ordinances, including marijuana regulations (public hearing on June 7th), CoorsTek rezoning (public hearing June 7th), ordinance to vacate an alley for CoorsTek (public hearing June 14th), and conveying 25 feet of land on Lookout Mountain to an adjacent property owner (public hearing June 14th).

Resolutions generally only come up once. They do not require a public hearing, but citizens can contribute comments, and Councilors can choose to discuss them.

Tonight’s resolutions include an IGA to manage an opioid fund settlement, a change in developer fees, and the purchase of an asphalt patch truck for $252,106.

Tonight’s proclamations include Memorial Day and National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

CoorsTek Vesting Request
Tonight’s regular agenda includes the 20 year vesting agreement for the CoorsTek planned unit development. Although this is only the first reading, Council has chosen to start discussing it tonight, because it is unusual and somewhat controversial. Normally, when a developer submits a site plan, they have 3 years to do what they said they would do. CoorsTek has asked for 20 years and a lot of flexibility, so they can keep making decisions as they go.

City Staff recommends reducing the requested 20 years to 10.

Planning Commission wasn’t comfortable with 20 years; however, they’re recommending that Council allow the 20 year vesting period IF CoorsTek gives the City a bunch of money (amount as yet unspecified) upfront to be used to build off-site Affordable Housing.

CoorsTek is proposing to use a transportation demand management (“TDM”) program, which would allow them to provide less parking than current zoning requires. The program is designed to encourage walking, biking, and use of public transportation, which would reduce the need for parking spaces. CoorsTek proposes monitoring the program themselves. City staff recommends that the City monitor it, so the City can insist that more parking be provided if needed.

This is a complex topic, so if you want to learn more, see the meeting memo provided by City staff.

Allowed form types under the new zoning code – see more

Residential Zoning Code
The next topic is far more complex! Tonight, City Council will hold the public hearing regarding the residential parts of our new zoning code.This is your last chance to weigh in on what the City plans for your neighborhood.See the meeting packet for an overview.

Once the new code is approved, the City will begin processing a big backlog of applications for construction, so expect to see a lot of projects starting this summer.

Speed Limit
The final topic for the night will be an informal discussion of whether Golden should reduce its default speed limit to 20 MPH.

If you want to comment on any of tonight’s topics, attend the meeting or send your comments to Some recent comments to council appear here. Others will be added to the agenda later this afternoon.

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Golden History Moment

Photo courtesy of the Colorado School of Mines website

You may be familiar with the School of Mines’ tradition of issuing silver diplomas to their graduates. The first silver diploma was a graduation gift to a single Mines graduate, in 1933. The school’s president saw the diploma and decided to provide them to all Mines graduates, beginning in 1934.

Beginning in 1970, the school started giving the silver diplomas only to graduate students, but in 2001, they resumed giving them to undergrads.

88 Years Ago:
In 1934, the Mines community was excited about the novel new silver diplomas, and they spread the word to news outlets in advance of the graduation. The May 24, 1934 Colorado Transcript reported that the School of Mines might wind up in newsreels. The paper reported that camera men from Universal, Paramount, and Fox—attracted by news of the silver diplomas—took “several hundred feet of film which has been sent to New York City for editing.”

The Transcript never reported seeing the newsreels, but I wonder if that footage still exists in some archive?

Thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!