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CoorsTek, the Clay Mine, and Traffic Safety

Golden Eye Candy – Andrew Terrill – Snow on the Creek – enlarge

Virtual Events

6-6:55AM Virtual Dynamic Circuit
8:30-9:30AM Virtual Power Training
10:15-10:45AM Cuentacuentos
10-10:55AM All Levels Yoga Virtual
11-11:55AM Find Your Balance
4-4:30PM Kids Martial Arts Class

Real World Events

CoorsTek Property – photo by Patrick Klein – enlarge

3-5PM Open Office Hours Regarding CoorsTek Zoning and Redevelopment Process @ Planning & Public Works Building, 1445 10th Street (map)
The City of Golden’s Planning Commission continued the hearing about CoorsTek’s rezoning proposal on February 23 to April 6 in order to hold additional community meetings about the specifics of the proposal. Learn more about the project.

This afternoon, the City Planners, City Engineer, and the representative from CoorsTek are holding in-person “office hours” at 1445 10th Street in the conference room. Interested parties may come to the Planning office during those times without appointment.

5-6:30PM Dungeons & Dragons: Character Creation for Beginners @ Golden Library
6PM Uncorked at the Eddy – Wine Tasting @ The Eddy Taproom
6-9PM Golden Game Guild Meet-Up Mondays @ Golden Game Guild
6:30-8PM Bell Choir Concert @ Bell Middle School

Update on the Clay Mine

The Hogback and Clay Seam at the North End of Golden – click to enlarge

For those of you following the proposed clay mine expansion at the north end of town: the Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety’s hearing and decision have been postponed from March 31st to May 31st. The delay comes at the request of the applicant, the Denver Brick Company.

Save the Hogback, the local group that opposes the mine expansion, is pleased by the delay, which will give them more time to prepare. Learn more about the project at their website.

Golden History Moment

The new stoplight at 12th and Washington – enlarge

The Central Elementary School (later called Mitchell Elementary) opened in 1936. With it came a swarm of schoolchildren crossing the downtown streets. Golden had no traffic lights at that time.

Beginning in 1941, the Transcript began a lengthy campaign to have a stoplight installed at 12th and Washington. They wrote frequent editorials, reminding people that–though we hadn’t had one yet–a fatal accident at that intersection was inevitable.

As with all civic improvements, there were some who saw a stoplight as an unnecessary change. The City painted crosswalks on the pavement. The Transcript said that they offered the following benefit: “if you are killed walking between the white lines the city will bury you–outside, you bury yourself.” (September 7, 1944)

As World War II was winding down, gasoline rationing ended and traffic increased. In March of 1946, the City finally installed the long-awaited stoplight.

76 Years Ago
The March 21, 1946 Colorado Transcript reported that schoolchildren were receiving special instruction by the Chief of Police on how to use traffic lights to cross the street safely.

The Golden Police department has done a splendid job guarding this corner since the Central School was built, and only a few minor accidents have been reported. One policeman has always been on duty there during the hours children were going or coming from school. At times as many as three officers were on duty.

They apparently weren’t ready to commit to the lights full-time:

Chief White says that the lights will be in operation during the morning hours from 8:00 to 9:00; at the noon hour from 11:30 to 1:00; and in the afternoon from 2:30 to 4:00. At other times the red blinker will be operating against the traffic entering Washington Avenue from Twelfth street, and the amber on Washington Avenue.

Thanks to the Golden History Museum for providing the online cache of historic Transcripts, and to the Golden Transcript for documenting our history since 1866!