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City Council meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. The meeting will be broadcast on cable channel 8 and on the city website.  Among the highlights on tonight’s agenda:

The CSM Senior Design Class will present some design recommendations for the Clear Creek Watershed.

Council will authorize permit parking in the 8th and 9th Street Historic District.

Council will be asked to approve putting both the Downtown Development Authority and the Golden Urban Renewal Authority under the Planning Department.  They will then be asked to approve hiring a new person to support those two boards.

Blue Canyon Bar & Grill will be seeking permission to cut down two trees and reduce the size of the planter box in front of their building (at 13th and Washington) in order to create more outdoor seating for the restaurant.  According to their conceptual drawing, they also want to install a bar on the sidewalk.

The regular meeting will be followed by a study session in which they will discuss rules for special events, vendors, and park and creek rentals.