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Photos courtesy of City of Golden Click to learn more about Run and Fly.

9AM The Public Art Commission meets in City Council Chambers this morning. They will choose an artist to decorate the signal boxes around town. They will consider 4 possible spots to relocate the “Run and Fly” art installation. They feel that the current location on Highway 93 at the north end of town is not sufficiently visible. As an alternative, they will consider four locations along South Golden Road. The statue of the miner with his burro has been removed from 13th and Washington. A truck hit its pedestal, and the City is afraid that the statue itself might be hit next. They are considering 3 alternative locations: 11th and Washington, near Sassafras; 14th and Washington near Gene Bauer’s, and 13th and Jackson, near the “new” mixed-use building. City Staff and Foothills Art Center will report on a proposed cell phone app which would provide a public art walking tour. Learn more….

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6:30PM City Council meets tonight in City Council Chambers. A proclamation will be read in honor of Veterans Day, November 11th. Council may discuss a proposed ordinance for raising the age to purchase tobacco and vaping products from 18 to 21. The actual vote on this item will be December 5th. An upcoming vote would normally be on the consent agenda, but this is a controversial subject, pitting people concerned about the health effects of these products against those concerned about the legal rights of 18 year-olds…old enough to marry and be drafted, but potentially not be allowed to buy cigarettes. They will vote on whether to accept an easement on the property between the Golden Mill and Clear Creek. This would allow the City to build a trail there sometime in the future. Ultimately, the City would like to have a trail/sidewalk running along the Creek from Parfet Park on Washington Ave. to Vanover Park on Ford St.; however, a good portion of that length would run through residential property (the Gold apartments), and there are naturally privacy concerns for those residents. Learn more….

Coors Office Building: $40 Million More to Make it a Civic Center, $30 Million More to Make it Affordable Housing
After the business meeting, Council will have a Study Session in which they will discuss whether they should keep or demolish the newly-acquired Coors office building. The purchase price of the building and adjacent property was $12.25 million. Staff says that to make the building habitable would cost an additional $6 to 6.5 million. To customize it to hold the Police Department, City Council Chambers, History Museum, etc., would cost over $40 million, on top of the $12.25 million purchase price, raising the price for the proposed municipal center to over $50 million. They also looked at the possibility of converting the building info affordable housing apartments. They say that the renovation into apartments would cost at least $30 million.

Staff recommends that we demolish the building and start from scratch. Tonight, they will ask council to decide whether the public input process should include the option of keeping the office building. Learn more….

More Thursday Events:
3-4PM Quick Class: Extraordinary Cranberry at Natural Grocers
5-6PM Pros and Cons of Keto at Natural Grocers
6-8PM Canine Conversations at the Library: Understanding “Alpha Dog”
7:30PM Trivia Factory at Smiley’s
5PM Overt Defiance at Over Yonder Brewing
6PM Austin Williamson at the Buffalo Rose
6PM Dave Frisk at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse
6PM Teresa Carroll at Golden Hotel
6PM Jay Roemer Band at New Terrain Brewing Company
7PM Howard Dlugasch at Mountain Toad Brewing
8PM Karaoke at Rock Rest Lodge
9PM Karaoke at Ace-Hi Tavern

Friday Preview:
Friday Tour at the Railroad Museum – Railroad Kitchens
7-10PM Ski Movie Premiere at in Coolbaugh Hall
7-8:30PM Colorado Mtn Club Film on Adaptive Climbing at the Mountaineering Center
7PM Into the Woods at Golden High School
Friday Music
Atchison at Over Yonder Brewing
7PM Jay Martin at Buffalo Rose
7PM Jack Yoder w/Virginia Brightman plus Scooter James & Henry at Columbine Cafe
7PM Tony Luke Band at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse
8PM Still the Same – Bob Seger Tribute at Buffalo Rose
8PM Karaoke at Smiley’s
9PM Karaoke at Ace Hi Tavern
9:40PM The Petty-Nicks Experience at Buffalo Rose