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Decisions Are Made By Those Who Show Up

When you see changes in town, do you sometimes wonder, “Who decided to do that?”  The answer often lies in the board and commission meetings that happen throughout the month.  The best way to weigh in on decisions about what happens in town is to pay attention to meeting agendas.  When you have an opinion on something, make a statement during the public comment period at the meeting.  It’s a lot easier to affect a decision before it’s made than after!

The Downtown Development Authority meets this evening.  They will discuss several issues, including the use of downtown sidewalks for merchandise, dining, plants, public art, etc.  See the meeting packet (link below) to see all of tonight’s topics.

Monday 6:30 City Council Chambers
Downtown Development Authority
(agenda and meeting packet are about 4/5 of the way down the page)

Tuesday 6:30 at the Community Center
Parks & Recreation Board
(agenda is about halfway down the page)

The Planning Commission and Sustainability meeting packets are not yet available, so check those links later in the week.

Wednesday 6:30 City Council Chambers
Planning Commission Study Session
(no agenda currently available)