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The Museum of Nature and Science will be doing an archaeological dig in Golden this summer.  The site of the dig, which is known as Magic Mountain, is near the Apex Trailhead.  This site has remains dating back 7000 years and has been excavated before, but they are initiating a new effort June 7-25th.

One goal of this project is to get people excited about the archaeology in their backyard.  The project team will be offering many tours and an opportunity for anyone to try their hand at digging. They also hope to encourage community members to keep a watchful eye on the area, so this incredible site remains preserved for generations to come.

Learn more about the dig and check the schedule for planned site tours….

Pleasant View Elementary’s closing ceremony was postponed last week because of the snow.  They’re going to try again today at 5, so I hope you can stop by and take one last look at the building.  The pupils will be going to Shelton and Welchester next fall.  There will be a Closing Ceremony at 5, to mark the event.  Student ambassadors will provide building tours.  An interactive art activity will allow families to mark the event, sponsored by The Denver Art Museum.  Light refreshments will be served.  All are welcome to attend.  15920 W. 10th Avenue, Golden, CO (map).