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There will be a partial solar eclipse this afternoon, starting at 3:18 and lasting for about 2-1/2 hours.  Tempting though it may be, DON’T look directly at it!  Many websites, including CBS News, offer suggestions on how to enjoy the eclipse safely.

There will be a City Council meeting tonight at 6:30.  Jeff Hansen, the Finance Director, will report on the City’s financial condition (SPOILER: it continues to be excellent).  There will be several public hearings:

1.  The 2015/16 Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Plan
2.  Approval of the Downtown Development Authority’s Development Plan
3.  Methods of determining where traffic calming is needed
4.  Vacating a right of way and adjusting the plat for a new medical complex
5.  Clarification as to whether the Mayor’s job and a council job count as the same with regard to term limits.

The Mayor will discuss planning opportunities and changes for the area of change near Highway 6 and C470.  She will be discussing this topic at a national conference of mayors in mid-December.

The meeting will be broadcast on Cable Channel 8 and through the City website.  If you want to weigh in on the public hearing items or anything else, show up at 6:30 and be ready to speak!

With regard to item #4 above: someone on one of the i-neighbors groups recently asked what was going up by the Loaf and Jug at Hwy 6 and Heritage Road.  The answer appears in tonight’s meeting packet, in an application made by Catholic Health Initiatives.