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Dirty Dogs Roadhouse has live bluegrass music tonight from 7-10PM: Blue Plate Special.

Barrels & Bottles Brewery plans to host a couple of weddings/vow renewals tonight, between 6 and 8PM. They’re calling the event “Hoppily Ever After,” and the brewery will be open to the public throughout.

Mines Little Theater group is putting on a “Valentine’s Day Show” tonight from 6-9 in the Ben Parker Student Center, Ballroom C (1310 Maple St. – map). Come one, come all: couples, singles, and awkward alternatives to both, and enjoy a delightful night of singing sappy love songs about significant others and sappier love songs about murder and occasional cooking utensils. Mines Little Theatre is delighted to put on this show as another convenient way to sit in a room with your significant other not talking, but under the guise of romance this time. The show is free, and the public is invited.