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Heinie Foss’s memorial service is this afternoon at 1PM in the Foss Auditorium at the American Mountaineering Center.

Congratulations to the 2015 Living Landmarks!  They will be celebrated tonight at the Golden Landmarks Association’s Living Landmarks dinner at Mount Vernon Country Club.

This year’s Landmarks join an exulted company of previous honorees:

2002-Ruben Hartmeister, Verna Katona, Lorraine Wagenbach; 2003-Alice Dempsey, Heine Foss, Irma Wyhs; 2004-Viona Hader, Charles Hearn, Larry Williams; 2005-Carol Dickinson, Marvin Kay, Donna Miller; 2006-Mary Curtis, Gene Child, Jo Ann Thistlewood; 2007-Holly Coors, Mary Ramstetter, Jack Galland; 2008-Elliot Brown, Chip Parfet, Tom & Donna Plummer; 2009-Chuck Baroch, Arlone Child, Hal & Helen Leith; 2010-Tom Atkins, Gwyn Green, Nancy Mason; 2011-John Tracy, Lynda Wentworth, Golden Fire Dept.; 2012-Meg Van Ness, Judy Denison, Colorado Railroad Museum; 2013-Gudy Gaskill, Gary Wink, Westernaires; 2014-TJ Mullin, Barb Warden, CSM Geology Museum

The Jeffco Library’s Spring Whale of a Used Book Sale starts today at the Jeffco Fairgrounds!  They have more than 100,000 books, CDs, and videos on sale for $0.50 to $2!