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This area is known for fossils.  Arthur Lakes from the School of Mines discovered dinosaur bones as far back at 1877, including Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Allosaurus.  Dinosaur footprints also abound in both Morrison and Golden.

The area in Morrison around Dinosaur Ridge has been a National Natural Landmark since 1973.  The site has now been expanded to include Golden’s fossils, and the new name for the site is the Morrison-Golden Fossil Area.  A dedication ceremony for the new National Natural Landmark area will be held tomorrow (Monday) at 1:30.

Golden fossils are located along the Triceratops Trail (on the west side of Fossil Trace Golf Club) and on the west side of the School of Mines campus.  The trail has been there for some years, but new and improved signage will make it easier to find!  The trail starts on the southeast corner of 19th Street and 6th Avenue.

If you plan to attend the dedication, start at the parking lot at 19th and 6th.  From there you can catch a shuttle to the dedication spot along the trail.  Details are available in this invitation.