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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

If you want to reserve a space at the community garden next to Natural Grocers in Golden, plan to attend tomorrow night’s planning meeting, held at the store from 5:30-7. Shannon Spurlock, Community Initiatives Coordinator at Denver Urban Gardens will walk you through the steps of reserving a spot at the community garden and answer any questions you may have.  Natural Grocers is located at 2401 Ford St. (map)

The City’s annual tree sale is currently underway. Trees available this year include Peking tree lilac, Big Tooth maple, ‘Hot Wings’ Tatarian maple, Washington hawthorn, Chanticleer pear, Goldenraintree, Turkish filbert, Shumard oak and Bur oak.  The tree lilac, both maples, the Bur oak and the filbert are sold in approximately 15 gallon containers and are priced at $80-$90 dollars each. The hawthorn, pear, Goldenraintree and Shumard oak come in approximately 7 gallon containers and cost $55 each.  Quantities are limited, with a total of only 56 trees available, and purchases are limited to a total of 5 trees per customer.  Learn more….

Drought-tolerant Gardens-in-a-Box are now available from the resource conservation center.  This, too, is an annual program made available through the City.  If you get your water from the City of Golden, you’re eligible for a $25 discount on each garden.  Learn more….