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The Golden Urban Renewal Authority board meets tonight at 6:30 in City Council Chambers. They will discuss Golden’s three urban renewal areas. Topics for the downtown district include the redesign of our downtown streetscape and possible development of the two vacant lots at 12th & Jackson and 13th & Jackson.

Both the 8th Street and 24th Street renewal areas are in early stages. At some point, GURA will likely be asked for financial help in developing those projects.

The board will consider GURA staff’s suggestion that urban renewal districts be created on West Colfax and at the intersection of Highway 40 and Interstate 70.

GURA will also consider grant requests of $10,000 to support the DocuWest film festival, $10,000 to support the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Festival,and $15,000 to plant trees in front of the Methodist Church on Jackson Street.