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Here’s a REALLY easy way to help the Golden community…

You’ve probably heard of the Golden Backpack Program. This is a grassroots program, supported by many organizations and people in Golden, that provides food to Golden schoolchildren. Kids who receive free or reduced price lunches at school often go hungry over the weekend. The Golden backpack program provides these kids with a backpack full of nutritious food to get them through the weekend. The program has been remarkably successful, and now provides food to over 500 students in the Golden area.

The Backpack Program is competing to win a $20,000 grant from Walmart that will enable them to buy a van, to be used during summer vacation, to help reach these hungry students when school is not in session.

This is a very worthy and very local cause. So how can you help?

There’s a “Vote Here” button on their facebook page. Just click it–that’s all you have to do! You can vote once a day during the month of April. It’ll take you ten seconds a day, and you may help hundreds of Golden children over the summer.

Start now:  click here to visit their facebook page and cast your first vote!