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Happy 4th of July!  Remember to fly your flag today!

Head down to Lions Park today (that’s the one next to the Community Center, on 10th Street) for the big 4th of July Festival.  The Golden Lions Club organizes this, and they do a great job.  They sell raffle tickets to pay for it, then announce the prize winners all day long.  There will be live music all day, starting at noon, and lots of free amusements for the kids–jumping castles, inflatable slides, and the like.

Food and beer are available for purchase, or you can bring your own.  Because of the fire ban, you will not be able to grill in the park.  The fireworks have been cancelled (also because of the fire ban), so wear some glow sticks to brighten things up after dusk.  The music will go on from noon till 9:30, so come for the afternoon or evening or all day long.  See you down there!