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Every year as part of our sustainability program, the City offers gardens-in-a-box.  These are gardens that you order online and pick up at a City delivery spot in mid-May.

These garden kits include drought resistant plants and a planting guide, so it’s an easy way to start xeriscaping your yard.  What’s more–they come at a discounted price when you order through the City program. As an example, the “Incredible Edible” garden comes with 33 plants and costs $100.  When you put it in your shopping cart and indicate that you’ll take delivery in Golden, the price automatically drops to $75.

They also sell water-conserving irrigation systems and planting structures constructed of beetle-killed pine (also at low prices).

We’re about 3 weeks away from delivery day (May 12th).  If you haven’t ordered your garden(s) yet, it’s time to get on that!  Click here to order.