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GOLDEN.COM is celebrating its 7th anniversary! We hope you’ll forgive us for one day of bragging.  In the past 7 years, we’ve informed the community about several thousand events in Golden, promoted Golden businesses well over a thousand times, and kept everyone apprised of exhibits at the museums, street fairs, parades, concerts, farmers markets, and the innumerable other cool things happening all the time in Golden.

Apparently a lot of people are interested in Golden happenings…the website had nearly half a million visits last year!

Since launching GOLDEN.COM, we’ve also published three books about Golden:

If you enjoy this steady steam of information about life in our community, please do us a favor:  tell a friend about GOLDEN.COM.  Encourage them to visit the site.  Recommend that they subscribe to any (or all) of the three daily emails:

Thanks for following GOLDEN.COM.  It’s great to know that so many people love Golden as much as we do!