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Lasers, Beer, and Following Your Passion

Join us tonight at Windy Saddle Cafe for Golden Beer TalksDr. Jeff Squier, Department Head of Physics at Colorado School of Mines, will discuss Laser Pulses: Focusing Light in Time & Space.  This month’s featured brewery is A C Golden, which is the microbrewery located within the giant Coors plant.  A C Golden makes small, experimental runs of beer and has been responsible for both Colorado Native and Herman Joseph’s Private Reserve.

Are you an inventor, an innovator, or forging a new business?  You should check out the Jeffco Innovators Workshop.  You’ll meet other participants in various stages of success. Some members are beginners, and some are much further along.  Some are quite experienced, and some have already made it big!   This group is meeting tomorrow night at City Hall, from 6:30-8:30.

Troy Wanek will present “Follow Your Passion! A formula for an Interesting Life”  Troy is the head of the Renewable Energy Technology Department at Red Rocks Community College.  He has created a fascinating life for himself and his family out of his devotion to a single energy technology – solar. In addition to teaching and his duties at the college, Wanek owns Solar Energy Environments, LLC and travels extensively around the globe spreading the gospel about solar energy, and helping in-need communities establish solar facilities. Most recently, he was in Jamaica installing solar energy for medical clinics, was consulting about the technology in Jordan, and researching solar installation teaching methods in Australia, and several countries in Europe with a National Science Foundation cohort.   You can learn more about the Jeffco Innovators, and RSVP for Troy’s talk on Wednesday night, at the Jeffco Innovators Workshop website.